**Please note: Each hat is different and will be chosen at random from the colour tone you choose.

"Lucky Dip" Beanie - Minty Madness

  • These “Lucky Dip” hats are made in collaboration with Iris Law and LA based brand A Love Movement.  The hats are 100% Organic cotton, made in California, USA. Each hat has been hand dyed by Iris in London using natural dyeing techniques she learnt whilst on a trip to Japan a few years ago. 

    Reset’s profits will be donated to The Bangladesh Environment and Development Society. A community based non-profit, NGO which is working to achieve Sustainable Development Goals for the country. 

    Bangladesh has the world's second biggest garment manufacturing industry after China. In 2020, the share of ready-made garment exports in Bangladesh amounted to approximately 83% of the worlds total exports.

    As we browse through a season’s latest ‘color trends’, few of us will stop to think of the horrific impact these dyes are having on our planet, let alone the immediate surrounding areas of the factories. 


    The fashion industry is responsible for up to one-fifth of industrial water pollution, thanks in part to weak regulation and enforcement in producer countries like Bangladesh, where wastewater is commonly dumped directly into rivers and streams. The discharge is often a cocktail of carcinogenic chemicals, dyes, salts and heavy metals that not only hurt the environment, but pollute essential drinking water sources.

    Learn more about BEDS here.


    "I make natural dyes by boiling down vegetable waste such as black beans, red cabbage, turmeric root and beetroot. The dyes are non-toxic and create long lasting, vibrant colours equal to those of chemical dyes :) There is a huge environmental contamination that comes from the sythentic dye industry so I want to show you how you can achieve equivalent colours, naturally ❤️"

    - IRIS LAW