The Mini Lolita Bag

  • These miniaure woven handbags are an essential for Summer 2021. 

    Handwoven in Mexico using a fibre called Ixtle. The material is a stiff plant fibre obtained from a number of Mexican plants, chiefly species of Agave and Yucca.

    Whilst agave plants do not carry a small carbon footprint, it's at least benefical for the plant to be used in its entirety.

    Mezcal, tequila and Agave Syrup are just a few of the products made from this fascinating plant. The processes involved to create these products mean that an abundance of Ixtle is left over. This is then used to weave bags like ours.

  • Size:

    Length: 22cm 

    Height: 16

    Opening Width: 8cm