Saint Hilda - Sarah Hiscox

  • Saint Hilda

    Egg Tempera and Gold Leaf on Gesso. 

    Saint Hilda (c. 614–680) is a Christian saint and the founding abbess of the monastery at Whitby, which was chosen as the venue for the Synod of Whitby. An important figure in the Christianisation of Anglo-Saxon England, she was abbess at several monasteries and recognised for the wisdom that drew kings to her for advice. She is considered one of the patron saints of learning and culture, including poetry, due to her patronage of Cædmon.


    *Sarah Hiscox is a Byzantine icon painter. She describes an icon as “a drawn prayer,” the process as “God saying a prayer through the artist.” The materials used and the processes followed - from the grinding of the pigments to the final vanishings - are strictly prescribed: technique has blended into ritual, each stage and action imbued with spiritual significance - the whole becoming a deeply opening, meditative exercise. Thus the hushed power of the finished works, their charisma.

    *Source: Toast Magazine

    Dimensions: 16.5 x 13cm

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